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EnviroPureSystems T&S Brass and Bronze Works has a 60+ year history of supporting water and energy conservation. As developer of the pre-rinse unit and the pedal valve, two of the foodservice industry’s most essential tools, T&S’s commitment to providing cost-effective and environmentally-prudent products for its customers is well documented. Now, through support of the Sustainable Restaurant Corps and introduction of the organic food waste disposal systems of its partner company, EnviroPure, T&S hopes to provide the NYC foodservice community with an affordable, efficient, and socially responsible means of meeting Mayor Bloomberg’s Food Waste Challenge head on.



Ecologic is a B corporation that manufactures and distributes environmentally preferable commercial cleaning products and technologies. Their entire product line is not only green, but also cheaper than its toxic counterparts.  They provide a line of more than 100 sustainable cleaning products and technologies to a rapidly growing list of restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, schools, building management companies, and other institutional users. This includes their Electro Chemical Activation (ECA) technology, equipment that allows our customers to make their own cleaners and sanitizers using only tap water, salt, and electricity.