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Take the Sustainable Restaurant Survey below to see how your restaurant is doing!


Thank you for taking our survey about sustainability in New York City restaurants.   Sustainability includes “green” practices and purchasing but it also involves reducing the amount of resources a restaurant needs to be successful.
The Sustainable Restaurant Corps (SRC) is a non-profit dedicated to helping restaurants reduce their environmental footprint and saving money in the process.  We help restaurants reduce their utility costs, garbage disposal fees, and save on food that is better tasting and better for the environment.

The results of this survey will help us serve you better.  All results will be confidential and only the statistics will be released to the public. (If you are interested we will let you know how your restaurant rated among those who responded to the survey when the results are in.)

The first section is for everyone and should take 15-20 minutes at most.  It will help us understand what restaurants are concerned about and where sustainability falls among those concerns.

The second section is for those who would like to be “Listed” before we release our SUSTY rating.  Both “listing” and the eventual rating are FREE to restaurants.  Your answers to the second part of the survey will help The Sustainable Restaurant Corps determine where each SUSTY step towards sustainability will be placed on the rating scale.  This section should take 35 minutes or less depending on your answers and the level of detail you provide us.

Please note: We use skip logic to ensure your answers to certain questions will determine the next question you receive.  Therefore the total number listed at the top will be at most half and at the least around 5 short pages of questions.

Thanks again for taking this survey.  Details about our sponsors and incentives you can win can be found under the survey link above.