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NYC Restaurants through the Eyes of an Intern

Published on July 30, 2013 by in Uncategorized
This city has completely attacked me. I am attacked daily with all of the amazing food this city’s restaurants have to offer. My wallet bleeds more than I had imagined, but the flavors and culinary genius that I have witnessed across this great city will forever leave an impact. My personal concept of food has greatly evolved over the time I have lived in New York this summer for my Internship.
The first meal I had in New York was from a restaurant that specified only in different types of Macaroni and Cheese. The flavor explosions I experienced was a good indication that my world of food was about to be rocked. As my transition to NY living shortly after commenced, it was realized that one could not walk but ten feet in this city without seeing or smelling food. My internship with The Sustainable Restaurant Corps only increased my exposure to the deep roots of the restaurant industry in this incredibly food minded city.
This past week was our first week of restaurant visits with SRC, and it has been such an honor. It has been an honor to meet so many restaurant workers and managers and be able to understand further the importance this industry is to the city and to its people. Our focus at the SRC is of course restaurant sustainability for the environment as well as sustaining long term business for restaurants. It has been great to see this cities awareness and green initiatives. To find out that so many restaurants across the city have already established a plethora of ways to promote sustainability is amazing. Their understanding and action is truly a worldly example for the future of the restaurant industry and the world. It will be truly exciting to see the relationships evolve between NY’s restaurants and The Sustainable Restaurant Corps.
True our organizations mission is for environmental sustainability, but our personal missions to restaurants is that good food in this city sustain the changing times that is the environmental movement. The fact that a non-profit organization exists in this city to help restaurants achieve long term sustainable business and environmental practices pays tribute to the city’s legend that truly anything can be accomplished here.
I don’t know if I have been fully swayed to believe the notion that New York is “The Greatest City in the World”, but I certainly can say it is the greatest restaurant and food culture I have ever seen.
-Sean Foley, Summer 2013 Intern for Sustainable Restaurant Corps-
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